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Did you know haunted houses had trending topics?  I didn’t!

Dr. Margee Kerr, a sociologist who studies trends in fear, says people are sentimental these days and are into old-fashioned 1930s and ‘40s horror.“It’s kind of a nostalgic throwback to pre-Internet ages,” Kerr said. “It’s bringing back the vintage, antique feel to haunted houses.”

To find out more on what’s trending in haunted houses this year, you can read more here!

Me personally, I am terrified of haunted houses.  I’d be the person to have a heart attack and die of fright.  If you love a great fright, you can head on over to the Haunted House Association to find where there are haunted houses in your area.

If you happen to visit one, please drop by and tell us how it was.