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It’s been awhile.  My last post was in February!  Like most of us, I have done so much in the past few months.

In March I started training for my first bodybuilding contest.  If I wasn’t in the house taking care of my two kids, cleaning or breaking up fights (between the boys of course), I was at the gym or prepping my food.  It all payed off.  I competed in July and placed 5th in Novice Figure.  Best of all, I was able to really rock it on the beach and at the pool.

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Then it was time to prep for my first trip to Uganda and Dubai.  My husband is from Uganda and hadn’t been home since he arrived in 1999.  So this trip was looooooong over-due.  He left a single man with no kids and returned with an American wife and two sons.  It was one of the best times of my life.  We even met Ugandan Superstar Navio!!!!!!!

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Now, I am motivated and ready to blog!!!!  Bodybuilding and going to Africa and the Middle East has broadened my horizons so I hope to have more to write about.  If you missed me great, if not, that’s ok.  I hope to win you over (again) and hope you will invite your friends to visit my blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.