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You shot right through my heart.”  Were the words that penetrated my ears one distant night ago.  Who was this mysterious female shadowing Big Sean’s rap-singing voice on the track “Beware?”  I was extremely amused.  Looking down on my car radio’s display, I learned this voice belonged to Jhene’ Aiko.  “OK.” I thought.  “I’m listening.”

A few weeks later, I heard “The Worst.” This track is FIRE!  Her voice is not really strong, yet not weak.  She sings, but not really.  Her lyrics are hard, but sung sweetly?  What is this?  Well, its kind of Sade-ish but its not.  And I. LOVE. ME. SOME. FUCKING. YES THAT’S RIGHT. FUCKING SADE!!!!  Jhene’ is like Sade 2.0.  Something missing in today’s music.  She is the truth to me right now.

My musical orgasm simply exploded when she teamed up with Kendrick Lamar for her track “Stay Ready.”

Ok. I’m amped right now…..