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When I was 16, I couldn’t wait to get my license.  And I remember there were two types you could get in NY, the junior kind with some restrictions and then the grownup kind.  Needless to say, I opted to wait for the grownup kind.  Therefore, every day after school and on weekends, I would link up with my friends who drove and we would yell “Where Weeeeeeeee Goin?!”

No where.  We would drive around aimlessly listening to music, smoking cigarettes (which were only $2.80 at that time), take pictures (with disposable cameras–a relatively new invention) and hit the “block” to see who was out.  So simple, and fun.  Yet, stupid at the same time.  We did a lot of things…..Things that if I told you, I would have to kill you!  Teehee.

On my 18th birthday, my dad–may he rest in peace, picked me up early from school so that I could take my drivers test.  Wearing the tiara my sister gave me as a bday present, I took and passed the test with flying colors.  My parents soon bought a new car for themselves and passed their red Saturn wagon to me.

Anyway, in a recent article found on NPR, teenagers are apparently not in a rush to drive around.  Some teens even prefer to be dropped off by their parents and are not rushing to the DMV to get a license.  For them, its cheaper that way.  I am personally happy for this shift and hope it lasts when my two sons are of age to drive.  I would love to drop off and pick up.  That way, I can keep a little closer eye on them……

You can read more about the shift in young driving trends HERE.