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Was watching one of the latest episodes of Fashion Police on E and one of the looks they were discussing was from Cate Blanchett.  For the premier of her latest film Blue Jasmine, Cate wore an unusual pink dress from Balenciaga.  The panel’s critique of the dress ranged from WTF to hmmmmm, kind of nice in a weird kind of way.  Well, I am on the side of the hmmmmm, kind of nice in a weird kind of way.  But something struck me….  I had seen that dress or a version of that dress before.  So, I rewound the show and watched the segment again to hear the part where one of the panelists mentioned that the dress was “reissued” Balenciaga.  I did a little digging and found the original look.   The original dress was created in 1968 and was designed by Richard Tam but formerly attributed to House of Balenciaga (whatever the hell that means.)  In any case, I think I like em’ both and always appreciate Cate’s unique fashion choices.