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I did it!!!!  I went to the Manhattan Vintage show!  It was a blast.  There were rows and rows of dealers and my brain went into overload–there were so many beautiful pieces to take in.  And to make matters more intense, there was a booth that was serving free whiskey to get us drunk so we won’t realize we just blew a fortune on “old” clothes!  Unfortunately there were no pictures allowed and I was too much of a sissy to sneak.  Although, it would have been nice to get my picture taken with Brooke Shields, Anna Sui, and Katie Holmes–the three famous people I saw while there.  It would have been a great “Fan Out” picture to send to Wendy Williams.  But you know, when you are in NY, you mustn’t dare act like a fan.  So me and my bestie oohed and ahhed over the stars secretly.  I will definitely try and go back, but if I can’t, that’s ok.  Many of the vendors there attend the Sturbridge Antique and Vintage Textile Show in the spring and summer.  So I will get my fill either way!