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I have been working on opening up my online boutique ChicCityVintage for the last few weeks.  But the hardest part has been deciding what platform to open it on.  I have been putting together a stand alone website, but each time I visit Ebay, I get deterred.  Then the matter worsens when I visit Etsy.  I love the idea of having a stand alone website, but I love the fact that Ebay and Etsy get so much vintage traffic.  With a stand alone site, I have to market harder.  Not that I mind that.  I actually love to promote and market, however, I am trying to make a living doing what I love all while raising two small children, working on an MFA, and managing a household.

I have a soft launch date of Monday, August 20th.  Most of the work is done.  Its just a matter of where to load it up.

I welcome your input!