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As a fashion designer and absolute lover of vintage and antique clothing, I am always on the hunt to find vintage gems. The internet is a great resource for buying vintage. But, for instant gratification, you have to hit the streets to find vintage clothing in stores or in thrift shops.

Thrift shops are great because you can find great pieces for practically nothing, however it is hit or miss and you really have to take your time and dig. If you live in a place like the NYC Metro area, there are tons of fabulous vintage shops, but if you live in a place like where I live–Holden, MA, you are out of luck. There are one or two vintage clothing stores around the Worcester area, but nothing like Linda White Antique Clothing in Upton, MA!

Today, on a whim, I decided to forgo the gym and head out to see Linda and her shop. Boy was I so excited when I walked through the door, I asked her if I could move in! I have never seen so many beautiful pieces in one place outside of the Sturbridge Antique Textile show that comes around a few times a year. In her store were rooms and racks full of clothing from the Victorian era up to the 1980s. There were vintage designs from Hattie Carnegie to Oscar De La Renta. Beautiful vintage wedding and evening gowns as well as beautiful coats. Hanging on the walls and in display cases were beautiful handbags and jewelry. Not only was the shop great, Linda herself was a pleasure to speak with.

With about 30 years in the business, she has a wealth of knowledge on her pieces. So you know you are walking out of that store with authentic fashion history.  To learn more about Linda White Antique Clothing, please check her site at www.vintageclothing.com.  Linda also told me that she is working on creating an online shop so please check her site often for updates.