If you live in the East Coast, you may have noticed that the evenings are getting a bit chilly. Fall is fast approaching and that means its time to carry a sweater or light jacket if you are heading out into the evening.

Now while cardigans and sweaters make nice traditional options in covering up those shoulders, vintage bed jackets add a unique twist of warmth.

Originally, these waist length robes were made to cover a woman’s shoulders and arms while sitting up in bed. Often made from sheer and lacy fabrics with feminine details these jackets were used for seduction instead of warmth. During the 1930s, bed jackets reached a new level popularity when the movies glamorized these jackets showing starlets lounging gloriously about in their extravagant confections made with feathers and sequins.


Today’s woman can throw on a quilted or knit version for warmth or a silky sheer one with fancy details to dress up a simple dress or white tee and jeans.

Think you want to rock one this year, check out the Find of the Week or My Auctions page for “Not Mine, But A Good Find“–where you might just find what you are looking for!  Or, keep an eye out for pieces from the following designers who specialized in lingerie when you are out vintage/2nd hand shopping:

Odette Barsa, Stella Fagin, Nancy King

(Above–Vintage Odette Barsa)

Another option to consider this fall are vintage Mandarin jackets and coats.  These can also be worn to add a unique touch to your outfit.


Check out “Not Mine, But A Good Find” on My Auctions page to see offerings from vintage dealers on Ebay.