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One of my favorite times of the year is when the Vintage Fashion and Textile Show comes to Sturbridge, MA.  I first learned of this event a few years ago when I was visiting one of my favorite antique shops, Sturbridge Antique Shop.  The sales lady at the shop told me it was Vintage and Antique clothing HEAVEN!  And boy was she right!!!  There are over 100 dealers at this show and none of them disappoint.

This show comes to town three times a year.  The upcoming show, Sept. 5th will be the final date for this year.

Whether you are looking for fashions from the 80s all the way down to the 18th century its all there.  Here, you can find vintage clothing, hand bags and accessories from many top and luxury designers.  This show is so hot that the top design houses come to this show to get inspired.

Trust me, this one is MUST SEE!!!  But, if you plan on coming, bring cash.  Many of the dealers only except cash or check.

Oh yeah, if you have time or haven’t spent all your money at this show, you must check out Brimfield……