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I do!  As a matter of fact, the late 80s and 90s were full of these colorful leather jackets made by Michael Hoban.  Under the name North Beach Leather, these jackets hit the streets with a vengeance.

These jackets were so much the rage that Jay-Z rapped about wearing them in 1987 with his 2007 song “Blue Magic.”

Red and green G’s all on my hat
North beach leathers, matching Gucci sweater
Gucci sneaks on to keep my outfit together

So much focus was put on those jackets in the hip-hop community that I was not aware that Michael Hoban also created a line of leather dresses.  These dresses are HOT and apparently, I am not the only one who thinks so…..

In 2009, Paris Hilton rocked a red version helping to re-ignite the popularity of these dresses.  It is now 2011 and the dresses are still wanted.  If you stumble upon one of these now vintage dresses on Ebay, a 2nd hand store, or vintage store, scoop it up!  If you can pull it off, they make a great party dress.  Even if they fade for awhile I am pretty sure they will make another comeback.  One can never really go wrong with a short sexy leather dress!

For more in depth info on these dresses, check out this blog by Fashette.