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Hell yeah I went shopping at Goodwill!  As a matter of fact, I will frequent any 2nd hand clothing store to find some of the best designers past and present.  Not to mention that in the winter, I can find a number of fur coats and stoles!

Louis, Gucci, Prada….it’s all there!  You may have to dig and yes, it’ll most likely be decades and seasons old, but luxury brands are never totally out.  These names set the trends that you find in cheap chic stores like H&M and are guaranteed to make a comeback.  In some cases, the pieces are classic so they never go out of style.  The best part of it all, they are cheap!!!!  I am talking dirt cheap.  And if you go on the right day, prices are slashed.  So imagine a $50 authentic Louis bag with 50% off!

Do you shop 2nd hand?  If so, what are some of the best things you have ever found?  I want to know!