Halloween Music!


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Costume ready?  Check.  Decorations up?  Check.  Food planned?  Check.  Now all you need for your Halloween festivities is a creepy funky playlist!  I’ve scoured the internet to bring you some of the most creepiest songs around.  I’ve also included some Halloween staples to set the mood right for your night of fright.  Yes, Thriller is here.  I’m sorry, but, Vincent Price is the best thing about this song.  Enjoy…….

P.S. I love Rabbit in Headlights.  The music is eerie but the video is a tad more frightening.

Haunted Houses


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Did you know haunted houses had trending topics?  I didn’t!

Dr. Margee Kerr, a sociologist who studies trends in fear, says people are sentimental these days and are into old-fashioned 1930s and ‘40s horror.“It’s kind of a nostalgic throwback to pre-Internet ages,” Kerr said. “It’s bringing back the vintage, antique feel to haunted houses.”

To find out more on what’s trending in haunted houses this year, you can read more here!

Me personally, I am terrified of haunted houses.  I’d be the person to have a heart attack and die of fright.  If you love a great fright, you can head on over to the Haunted House Association to find where there are haunted houses in your area.

If you happen to visit one, please drop by and tell us how it was.

Blogging is hard!


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It’s been awhile.  My last post was in February!  Like most of us, I have done so much in the past few months.

In March I started training for my first bodybuilding contest.  If I wasn’t in the house taking care of my two kids, cleaning or breaking up fights (between the boys of course), I was at the gym or prepping my food.  It all payed off.  I competed in July and placed 5th in Novice Figure.  Best of all, I was able to really rock it on the beach and at the pool.

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Then it was time to prep for my first trip to Uganda and Dubai.  My husband is from Uganda and hadn’t been home since he arrived in 1999.  So this trip was looooooong over-due.  He left a single man with no kids and returned with an American wife and two sons.  It was one of the best times of my life.  We even met Ugandan Superstar Navio!!!!!!!

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Now, I am motivated and ready to blog!!!!  Bodybuilding and going to Africa and the Middle East has broadened my horizons so I hope to have more to write about.  If you missed me great, if not, that’s ok.  I hope to win you over (again) and hope you will invite your friends to visit my blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

“When You Said It Was Over…


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You shot right through my heart.”  Were the words that penetrated my ears one distant night ago.  Who was this mysterious female shadowing Big Sean’s rap-singing voice on the track “Beware?”  I was extremely amused.  Looking down on my car radio’s display, I learned this voice belonged to Jhene’ Aiko.  “OK.” I thought.  “I’m listening.”

A few weeks later, I heard “The Worst.” This track is FIRE!  Her voice is not really strong, yet not weak.  She sings, but not really.  Her lyrics are hard, but sung sweetly?  What is this?  Well, its kind of Sade-ish but its not.  And I. LOVE. ME. SOME. FUCKING. YES THAT’S RIGHT. FUCKING SADE!!!!  Jhene’ is like Sade 2.0.  Something missing in today’s music.  She is the truth to me right now.

My musical orgasm simply exploded when she teamed up with Kendrick Lamar for her track “Stay Ready.”

Ok. I’m amped right now…..

Team USA, Sochi 2014–Uniform through the years


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team-usa-2014The winter Olympics are upon us!  My favorite Olympic sport is Figure Skating.  Hello?  Can anyone say Tonya Harding?!  But, the other fascinating thing about the Olympics are the uniforms.  Designed by Ralph Lauren this year’s uniforms are what some are likening to ugly Christmas sweaters.  Want to see the uniforms through the years?  Head on over to NY Daily News to see the uniforms now and then.  Want to purchase the uniform for yourself?  Head on over to Ralph Lauren.


On God, Religion, and the Vastness of the Universe


My sister’s post was Freshly Pressed! Yay!!!!!

Originally posted on 1800ukillme:

I believe the Bible is a collection of metaphors.  People just have this colorful way of speaking.  It’s how we communicate.  A lot of symbolism in religion is intuition.

It’s about energy.  Very scientific, really.  Call it what you want.  But I believe when people congregate in a place of worship we create energy that connects us to people.

A friend wanted to go to church, so I went with her yesterday.

However, I like distance from organized religion because ministers are just vehicles for the spirit, but they are flawed humans.

I love Jesus — the symbol Jesus.  He carries our sins because we’re weak – it’s the way we’re made.  That’s why spiritual leaders have spiritual leaders.  They need someone to advise them so they don’t form cults, and tell people God told them to have sex with them, or to drink Kool-Aid with cyanide in it.


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Falling into Fall


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Summer is just about over and fall is quite near.  However, the cool thing about fall is, you can carry over some of your summer pieces into the cooler days ahead–including swimwear!  Yes.  Swimwear.

Not too long ago,  I got my hands on a few vintage neoprene items–two swim tops and a dress.  Here are the ways in which these pieces can be worn frolicking by the pool to partying at night.  Layering is the key to taking these looks into fall.

Styling:  Yours truly (Deborah Mayumba) for ChicCityVintage
Photography:  Derek Matias
Models:  Amanda Ashley, Kimberlee Ashtin, and Christine Fura                                 Jewelry:  Provided by Tracey Brown, Chloe & Isabel                                         
H/MUA:  Ebonee for Delou Couture

Fashion Meets Nature–Behind the Scenes


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This past Tuesday, I styled my first editorial photo shoot.  I can’t wait for the final images to come out.  I worked with wonderful and amazing talent!  Guerline Fequiere on Makeup, Jurga Bhatt on Hair, and Richard Flaskegaard of Jack Dog Studio behind the camera.

Where Weeeeeeeeee Goin?!


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When I was 16, I couldn’t wait to get my license.  And I remember there were two types you could get in NY, the junior kind with some restrictions and then the grownup kind.  Needless to say, I opted to wait for the grownup kind.  Therefore, every day after school and on weekends, I would link up with my friends who drove and we would yell “Where Weeeeeeeee Goin?!”

No where.  We would drive around aimlessly listening to music, smoking cigarettes (which were only $2.80 at that time), take pictures (with disposable cameras–a relatively new invention) and hit the “block” to see who was out.  So simple, and fun.  Yet, stupid at the same time.  We did a lot of things…..Things that if I told you, I would have to kill you!  Teehee.

On my 18th birthday, my dad–may he rest in peace, picked me up early from school so that I could take my drivers test.  Wearing the tiara my sister gave me as a bday present, I took and passed the test with flying colors.  My parents soon bought a new car for themselves and passed their red Saturn wagon to me.

Anyway, in a recent article found on NPR, teenagers are apparently not in a rush to drive around.  Some teens even prefer to be dropped off by their parents and are not rushing to the DMV to get a license.  For them, its cheaper that way.  I am personally happy for this shift and hope it lasts when my two sons are of age to drive.  I would love to drop off and pick up.  That way, I can keep a little closer eye on them……

You can read more about the shift in young driving trends HERE.


CBGB–The Trailer


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CBGB was a little before my time, but I can remember going by it when I used to hang out in the City.   CBGB as a club officially closed down in 2006 with Patti Smith being the closing performer.  CBGB (along with Debbie Harry) was also the inspiration for one of my design projects.

Are you excited about this as much as I am?!


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